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Welcome to Kindy Prep Preschool!

Every parent wants their child to love learning and enjoy school.

Kindy Prep is a unique and exceptional preschool classroom.  Our #1 goal is to help each child begin their journey with CONFIDENCE AND SKILLS in all educational areas.



How are we unique?

  • A small ratio of 6:1 will allow each child exceptional time and attention from Mrs. Laser (an experienced CBE Kindergarten teacher and mother of five school aged children).
  • Three parent/teacher interviews are scheduled for November, March and June.
  • Special guests will attend the preschool and will focus on nutrition, fitness and fun science experiments. (Please see ‘Our Program’ page to learn more about our ‘special guests’.)
  • 3 family social events are scheduled for September, December and June – please don’t miss out on the fun!
  • Kindy Prep will give the warm comforts of a Royal Oak home and the professional atmosphere of a formal classroom.